Prediction and Remedies of Life Problems with Vedic Astrology

An experienced astrologer can predict your life very accurately and help you get ready for future challenges. Astro Shivang uses his many years of knowledge in Vedic astrology to solve problems in your life. 

Whether it’s issues related to business, health, or relationships, by using Vedic astrology solutions, you can improve your life.

We offer a list of Vedic Astrology Services to make your life better

Astrology houses are crucial and greatly influence a person’s life from birth. These houses, also known as spheres or fields, play a big role. Astro Shivang offers genuine and top-quality Vedic astrology services tailored to your date of birth, numerology, palmistry, and more.

Kundali Vishleshan

Analyze birth charts to predict and guide life. Get a 8-12 page hand-written Kundali for a smoother life.

Vastu Consultancy

Attract positivity, improve relationships, and boost prosperity through expert Vastu and design advice.

Numerology and Palmistry

Discover your future and personality. Unlock secrets for a better life.

Vedic Pooja (Worship)

Vedic Pooja, done correctly, ensures the best outcomes as an effective astrology remedy.

Gemstone Consultation

Get personalized gemstone consultations to improve your life, health, and success based on expert advice.

Black Magic Removal

Remove black magic from your life with our effective, safe, and quick removal solutions.

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Vedic Astrology Solutions

Janam Kundli

Know what’s coming in your life based on your birth chart. Recommended for new born children.

Kundli Matching

Know whether the partner you are planning is good for your life based on your stars or not?

Vastu for Home

Plan your house and office following the vastu tips to have the positive energies.

Relationship problem

Trouble in love life? Solve them with the best astrologer in India

Health Issues

Continuous health issues? Vedic remedies can ease the pain 

Business Astrology

Want to grow your business? Contact best astrologer in India.

All Vedic Pooja

Vedic rituals done the right way with practiced pandit ji.

Career Consultation

Choose the career path as per your stars to ensure success.

About Astro Shivang

“पाखण्ड छोड़ो, वैदिक अपनाओ”

Founder of Astro Shivang – Acharya Rakesh Sharma is renowned among his followers for his in-depth knowledge of the Hindu Veda. He is recognized as the best astrologer and palmist.

Acharya Rakesh Sharma commenced his journey towards Vedic Astrology at a very young age. He is a strong believer of Vedas – ancient Indian science and desires to aware the individuals regarding the supremacy of Vedas.

Also, he aspires to protect spirituals from hypocritical Hindu customs. He believes that by finding the essential nature of self-being, one can unlock the answer to many life-related questions. This can be achieved by following Vedas.

About Acharya Rakesh Sharma

Key Achievements

Proven Methodologies of Black Magic Removal

नज़र दोष से बचने के उपाय

Often people feel that all of sudden everything appears to go wrong in their lives. It can be the failure of their business or continuous health problems. The chances are that you have cast an evil eye and have attracted negative energy.

You can get rid of Drishti Dosha with the help of Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma. He has helped numerous devotees by removing negative energy. If you feel that there’s an evil eye on you then don’t delay.

Get rid of evil eye with proven method
Vedic Pooja to gain benefits
Remove Evil Eye (Buri Nazar)

Cleanse your aura and get rid of harmful of effects of evil eye which can include - failure of business, poor health, bad relationships etc.

Learn Meditation

A 'Chakra' is a point of sensation in our body. Through meditation, one can cleanse the energy of our Chakra System.

Get Your Perfect Prediction with Meditation

All of us are familiar with the benefits of Meditation. It not only releases our stress and keeps us healthy but also brings clarity to our minds. It is a way to unite our minds and soul. However, very few people know that Astrology and Meditation are interlinked. With the help of Astrology and Active Meditation, one can learn what is happening in their lives with anticipation and make forethought judgments.

At Astro Shivang, we utilize this practice to attain perfect predictions. You can also become a part of it. A practitioner enrolling in the program learns the healing process through Chakra Meditation – cleansing Seven Chakras in the Body. Many people often wonder – Can you unblock Chakras through meditation? The answer is yes! A ‘Chakra’ is a point of sensation in our body. Through meditation, one can cleanse the energy of our Chakra System. This further aids in activating willpower and experiencing absolute bliss.

Chakra Meditation for cleansing
Perfect Prediction with Astro Shivang