About Us

“पाखण्ड छोड़ो, वैदिक अपनाओ”
- आचार्य राकेश शास्त्री

Founder of Astro Shivang – Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma is renowned among his followers for his in-depth knowledge of Hindu Veda. He is recognized as the best astrologer and palmist.

One of the Best Astrologers in India – Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma commenced his journey towards Vedic Astrology at a very young age. He is a strong believer of Vedas – ancient Indian science and desires to aware the individuals regarding the supremacy of Vedas. Also, he aspires to protect spirituals from hypocrite Hindu customs. He believes that by finding the essential nature of self-being, one can unlock the answer to many life-related questions. And this can be achieved by following Vedas.

Born in a small village of Jind – Dandolan Kala in the year 1997, Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma completed his schooling at Jairam Vidyapeeth, Kurukshetra. Here, after performing a sacred thread ceremony of Janeu (जनेऊ), Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma undertook religious responsibility and started his quest towards ‘Adhyatam’. Under the mentorship of Acharya Shri Rajesh Prasad Lekhwaar, he acquired his ‘Deeksha’ and gained complete knowledge on Vedic Pooja Path (वैदिक अनुष्ठान).

This was just the beginning of becoming the Best Astrologer in India. To enhance his knowledge, Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma completed Graduation in Sanskrit from Kurukshetra University. Further, to comprehend the deeper meaning of life, Gurudev visited Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Kashi, Haridwar, Maa Vaishnodevi, and Varanasi. While residing here and serving the great Mahatmas – he gained precious and valuable knowledge of Chakra, Dhyaan, Adhyatam, Jyotish Hast Rekha Anusandhan, Face Reading Astrology, and Mantra Sadhana.

He believes that there is a beginning to knowledge but there is no end. A seeker – Rakesh Shastri gained the title of ‘Acharya’ after completing Acharya Programme from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi. He established his first Astrology Site in Karnal a with motive to serve the community and propagate the true meaning of ‘Sanatan Dharma’. Currently, Gurudev Acharya Rakesh Sharma is pursuing Ph.D. in Jyotish from the same institution.